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Ryan Katastrophe
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Human Centipede

I first learned of The Human Centipede through a friend of mine on Facebook who happens to be a emergency room doctor. His reaction to the movie trailer was of utter disgust, while mine was of utter delight. I had no idea that this film would be making it's way to the Tivoli Theater in the Delmar Loop for two nights only until a few weeks later. In my never ending quest for over-the-top, ridiculous fun, I just knew that I had to get some folks together for a midnight viewing.

The movie itself may not be completely ground breaking and if you are thinking of viewing when this movie hits your town/DVD player and expecting cinematic genius, you are certainly missing the point. There is no doubt that the "teenage girls car breaks down in the woods and they run into serious troubles" plot is tried and true in the realm of horror pictures and it is used again here. Never though, have I seen another film where the victims are turned into a fucking human centipede! Hysterical! According to the trailer, the film is 100% medically accurate. That information alone is enough to freak me out. Anyhow, out of the six of us that went, two of us thought the movie was great (in a campy sort of way). It should also be noted that the two of us that did enjoy the film were consuming alcoholic beverages before and during the showing.

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