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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scion Garage Fest 10-2-10

This past Saturday me and several friends packed up and headed to Lawrence, Kansas for a long night of Rock & roll debauchery. Here is what we saw in chronological order, at least to the best of my memory.

Up first, we saw one of my favorite bands, Natural Child at the Granada. These guys are just hilarious to me and always have a funny story to tell before kicking a song off.

Natural Child

Next, we walked over to the Jackpot Music Hall to catch the Power Pop stylings of the White Wires.

White Wires

We stuck around at the Jackpot Music Hall for the next two acts. Toronto, Canada's Teenanger and all the way from Denmark, Cola Freaks. Both put on great sets of straight ahead, 80's influenced punk.


Cola Freaks

We then made our way back to the Granada to catch Digital Leather who performed a set of synthy punk tunes.

Digital Leather

We then made the trek over to the Bottleneck where we caught the tail end of Thee Oh Sees set. I wish I could have caught more, they were great and people were really into it.

Thee Oh Sees

My memory gets a bit hazy from here but I believe we took off back to the Granada to check out Hunx and His Punx next. They played some catchy songs about homo love.

Hunx & His Punx

We then made our way back to the Bottleneck to check out a fantastic set by Tyvek. The band kicked out a relentless barrage of punk rock songs and the people were wild for them.


Back to the Jackpot Music hall for the Gories, who were absolutely amazing and my pick for best performance of the night. To me, they were even better than when I saw them in Memphis last year.


We headed back to the Granada next to check out the grand finale, the mighty Oblivians. Another great show by these Memphis legends.


Unfortunately, by this time my camera was completely dead so that's it on the pictures. After the Oblivians set, we had gotten word that Brimstone Howl would be playing the Replay Lounge just down the street. We headed over there to check them out. Not only was Brimstone Howl tearing it up inside but I noticed Greg Cartwright (Oblivians) getting set to DJ out back on the patio area. Greg proceeded to slay the dance floor with some of the best Soul 45's I have ever heard. A perfect way to end the night. Earlier in the night, we were told that the Spits would be playing in a home basement just around the corner. By this time, we were all good and tired so we did not attend. A great time was had by all and a big thumbs up from me to Scion for putting this shindig together!

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