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Ryan Katastrophe
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hi kids! A good deal of time has passed since we've last spoke on this platform. I aim to give this blog thing another run before it inevitably fades off into the sunset once again. Like everything I get myself involved in, it will come again. Anyhow, I figure I'll kick off the Functional Rubbish relaunch with the happenings of the last 5 days as they have been quite eventful. This passed Thursday night we had us a ball at CBGB (St. Louis) for the Trauma Harness/Bad Doctors/Dry Feet show.

Trauma Harness

Bad Doctors

Dry Feet

I decided to make Friday night a recovery night. In the last few months especially, I've noticed my ability to hit a weeknight show, hang out until 2 am and then wake up and be at work by 8 am has waned. Hitting two shows in a night isn't as easy as it used to be either. Stay tuned to this blog though, I may prove myself wrong and proudly document it here.

Saturday night I hit El Lenador to catch my friends Bruiser Queen and the Black Belts from Chicago,IL. Fuser opened up the show but I only caught the very end of their set.

Black Belts

Bruiser Queen

El Lenador had a 50/50 raffle going on t0 benefit our buddy Lil' Pete who had either been the latest victim of the disgusting "knockout king" game being played by local thugs or a drunken bicycle crash. He sustained two skull fractures, some broken ribs, and a broken clavicle. Here's wishing Pete a speedy and full recovery!


El Lenador toilet monster watches you pee

The coolest ice cream truck turned Devo-mobile!

Monday night I got to DJ a DESSERT BUFFET. My friend Mable's culinary class had a final project of sorts where the class made all kinds of foodies for people who bought tickets. I brought 60's pop and Bubblegum jams to tie it all together.


That about wraps this post up. Special thanks to my pal Erin who said nice things about this blog and encouraged me to start it up again. Taken from Erin's wonderful blog, Trash You Up: "i wish ryan updated more often, we have far too much in common for me to be missing out on his life!". Til the next time, cheers!

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