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Friday, April 6, 2012

Double Header

April 4th-5th at the Firebird, a rock & roll double header. This time of year is my absolute favorite. All kinds of bands are shaking old man Winter off, jumping in the van and hitting the highway. It's not uncommon for there to be 3 or 4 solid shows a week around these parts during these months. In part, due to the fallout of festivals such as South By Southwest and Chaos in Tejas, and also because that's what bands do. Tour.

Wednesday night, I was ecstatic to see one of my favorite post-punk bands, Mission of Burma. The band played a good deal of newer material which in most cases would disappoint. This however, was not the case in my humble opinion. The new songs meshed nicely with old classics such as That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate, Max Ernst, Academy Fight Song, and That's When I Reach For My Revolver.

Mission of Burma

The very next night, I was treated to the sounds of legendary Japanese garage punks, Guitar Wolf who brought New Zealand natives Transistors along for the ride. Local support was provided by pop-punk mainstays, Ded Bugs and also Dynofight. It's been 7 or so years since I've seen Guitar Wolf, and while they unfortunately lost a bass player since then (RIP Bass Wolf), they certainly haven't lost a step elsewhere. They were as raw and loud as I'd remembered. My eardrums seemed to have recovered from it all just some mere hours ago.

Ded Bugs


Guitar Wolf

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