Ryan Katastrophe

Ryan Katastrophe
Because one man's trash is another man's treasure

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cheap Thrills #8

Cheap Thrills relaunch! We are back with a brand new episode full of the mind melting punk you'd expect of this program. Featuring music from Gary Wrong, Shitty Limits, Vanna Inget, Nervous Patterns, Sonic Avenues, White Lung and much, much more! DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE | FACEBOOK Playlist: Shitty Limits - Medication Time (Speculate Accumulate/Levum) Black Bug - Television Screen (Red Lounge) Gary Wrong - Streets Of Iron (Total Punk) Note: Streets is spelled wrong on the label, hence our calling it "Sterets of Iron"! Cruddy - Burn It Down (Negative World/12XU) Hex Dispensers (Personality X-Ray (Razorcake Sister Series) Hysterese - Deadbeat (S-T/Search For Fame) Royal Headache - Never Again (S-T/XVIII) Terry Malts - I Do (Killing Time/Slumberland) Sonic Avenues - Fadin' Love (Television Youth/Dirtnap) Glueams - 365 (Discography/Static Age) Vanna Inget - Alla Andra Dagar (Allvar/P-Trash,1-2-3-4 Go!) Statues - The Last Stand (New People Make Us Nervous/P-Trash) Nasty Facts - Get To You (Drive My Car EP/5th Column) Flyboys - Square City (Flyguy) Test Patterns - Blackout (S-T/Tic Tac Totally) White Lung - Two Seen (It's The Evil/Deranged) Bloody Gears - End Of The Line (Deranged) Nervous Patterns - No Control (S-T/Cochon) Telecommande - Telecommande (Demo Tape) Brain #F - Restraining Order (Static Shock) Peace Warriors - Murder In Line At Space Mountain (Careers In Peace EP/Self-Released) Total Control - Stonehenge (Henge Beat/Iron Lung) Wax Idols - All Too Human (Hozac)

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