Ryan Katastrophe

Ryan Katastrophe
Because one man's trash is another man's treasure

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cheap Thrills #9

Ryan & Ashley are back as promised with a heap of punk records to play for you! This episode features music from GG King, Nightmare Boyzzz, Mind Spiders, Vapid, Ice Age, Sex Cult and tons more. Get after it! DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE | ITUNES | FACEBOOK Playlist: The Boys Next Door - Somebody's Watching (Door Door/Mushroom) Sex Cult - Sid Visions (Goner) Mutants - Insect Lounge (415) Daylight Robbery - Flat City (Three Way Split/Dirt Cult) Mind Spiders - You Are Dead (Meltdown/Dirtnap) Vapid - Die (Practically Dead/Nominal) Frozen Teens - Support (Shut Up) Transistors - Nervous Heart (Hypnotic Toys) Mouthbreathers - Out Of My Head (Out Of Breath/Self-Released) GG King - Want (Esoteric Lore/Rob's House) Iceage - You're Blessed (New Brigade/Dais) Hank Wood & the Hammerheads - My House (Go Home/Toxic State) Really Loud Hamburgers - Hate Crime (Florida's Dying) Burning Itch - Say It Again (Self-Titled/Tic Tac Totally) Chalk Circle - The Slap (Reflection/Mississippi) Kleenex - Hitch Hike Max & the Makeups - Poland (Puke & Vomit) VOM - Too Animalistic (Rerun) Nightmare Boyzzz - Batman (Happenin') Chronic Sick - Crotch Rot (No Way) Brutal Knights - Life Ain't Cool (Riff Raff) Larchmont Trash - Lake Placid (shdwply) Foreign Objects - White Elephant (Loud Punk) Reigning Sound - Can't Hold On (Abdication...For Your Love/Scion)